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What does the registration fee cover?

Registration covers three nights lodging, all of your meals Friday night through Monday morning, all activities on camp, all racing, music, and more.

What does the registration fee not cover?

Transportation to camp and alcohol (BYOB).

How much additional money can I expect to spend while on camp?

Next to zero, minus a memento or snack from the camp store. Something like a shirt from Arts and Crafts to tie dye may come at an additional charge too.

Will we have free time throughout the long weekend or is there a strict itinerary?

This long weekend is definitely a choose your own adventure. You could find yourself on every watercraft, playing every landsport, and going on every morning race + afternoon hike. Or…you could find yourself a quiet spot to read a book, take a nap, and explore the waterfalls off the Appalachian Trail. You can fall asleep early or stay up all night. It’s really up to you.

Who normally signs up for a Race2Adventure experience?

You can be in your 20s or your 60s. You can be single or married with kids. You can come all by yourself and make a ton of friends, or bring a whole group and strengthen your bonds. It just doesn’t matter. Because when all is said and done, we’re all the same. We’re Race2Adventure. 

Can we have fires on camp?

If you live out West, lighting fires regularly, and constantly being concerned about massive fires, is an unfortunate reality. The Northeast is fortunate enough to not share identical concerns. Bonfires on the beach, large fire pits adjacent to lodges and small fire pits adjacent to the rustic cabins are the norm at Camp R2A.

Can we arrive, leave, and return to camp?

Runs down the mountain are absolutely possible, although not encouraged. The idea is get up to camp, park your car (for good!), disconnect from your devices and connect with one another.  

Is there Wifi and cell service on camp?

Yes…but it’s limited. If you absolutely must stay connected to the outside world, don’t worry, there’s a way to do it. But again…the more you can disconnect from your devices, the better off you’ll be.

Can camp accommodate dietary needs?

Absolutely. From vegetarian, to nut allergies, to gluten free needs. That said, they can only cater to needs so much. So although we’ll be able to accommodate dietary needs, if you’d like to bring some of your own snacks to complement what’s prepared for you, you absolutely may. Just make sure it’s carefully stored as to not attract wildlife into the cabins.

If you are homesick, can your parents come pick you up early?


If you find Camp R2A is the most amazing place on Earth, can you stay…for good?

Maaaybe. We’re sure they’re hiring year round. But beware…you just may never leave.  🙂

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