Camp R2A

This is Camp R2A!  And although we treat everyone with super comfortable lodging overseas, this is our long weekend to (semi) rough it.  Some accommodations on our 1000 acre paradise are bare bones and just enough.  Others are a bit more comfortable with a bit more amenities.  Just know we’re all in this together, and as usual, lodging is simply a place to lie our heads after very long and very amazing days. 

If you don’t have your own bedding (e.g. sleeping bag + pillow or sheets + blanket + pillow), we’ll supply it for you at a minimal additional charge ($50pp).  Just indicate that when you register.  

You’ll have a cabin to call home, camp mattress, electricity, and the amazing sounds of the great outdoors right outside your door. Here are your options:


We’ll pair you with solo male or solo female roommates for the long weekend, depending on what category you fall into. Know you’ll be in great R2A company. This is where lifelong friendships just might get forged.


(Sleeps up to 6 adults, with room for a few small kiddos if they’re tagging along) – if you’re bringing a crew, or you’re two families that get each other well, your own rustic cabin just might make the most sense. Even a small group of four may prefer to purchase their own cabin. A-okay by us!


Room for 2 – more privacy, in the heart of camp, more amenities, a living area to congregate, and a tiny bit less outdoors.


Room for 2-4 people per room – more removed from the main camp (10-minute walk), lots of amenities, a roaring fireplace, and a deck overlooking the far end of the lake.


Room for 2-3 adults – this is the rockstar space. Lots of amenities, and more indoor than outdoor lodging. This is the heart of camp. You’ll want to be okay with being the host of the party, late nights, and lots of transients coming in and out. These few coveted spots will go fast!

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