Team Run Run

A Coach for Every Runner
Team Run Run

Race2Adventure, LLC has teamed up with coaching company Team RunRun to offer you discounts so you can be ready for your Next big Race2Adventure!  Team RunRun stands for three key factors when training for a future R2A:

  • Be accountable.
  • Train better.
  • Have an expert in your corner.

Check out these Team RunRun coaches who are offering special discounts for Race 2 Adventure runners. At Team RunRun they have a coach for every runner!

Brant Stachel – A former Canadian national team coach known for guiding athletes to achieve PR’s at every distance, Brant combines his coaching acumen with his credentials as a Registered Massage Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), providing a unique fusion of physical and mental expertise for athletes aiming to realize their full potential. Brant is offering $50 off your first month of coaching. Use code: R2Abrant

Sarah Forman – A trail running veteran who has guided countless runners to new experiences and PRs on the trails and roads, Sarah understands how to balance training with family and life, while still dreaming big and taking on bold adventures! Sarah is offering $80 off your first month of coaching. Use code: R2Aforman

Brian Lettner  – A Race2Adventure veteran, Brian focuses on making training fun while keeping you on track to achieve your goals. Brian is offering two unique coupons to R2A. For $60 per month coaching, use code: R2Amonthly And for a 6 month commitment of $325. Use code: R2A6month

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