Nine Days and Eight Nights of Adventure Awaits

All Race Days include 5K-12K trail runs (Subject To Change)

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Day 1: June 28, 2025



Our journey around Scotland begins in the historic city of Glasgow! Famous for its arts, architecture and UNESCO City of music, there’s no better place to begin R2A Scotland. Registration kicks off at 7pm and if you arrive early we’ll be based in the city centre so you can explore some of the spectacular sights.

Day 2: June 29, 2025

Loch Lomond and Oban

Loch Lomond

From Glasgow, we head up to Oban. On the way we’ll visit the beautiful Loch Lomond, considered to be the boundary between the lowlands of Central Scotland and the Highlands. After visiting Loch Lomond, we’ll lace up our trainers, and experience the amazing scenery close up, along stunning trails, as we run our first race in the Highlands.

Day 3: June 30, 2025

Oban and Fort William


Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant cultural heritage, Oban is known as the “Gateway to the Isles”. Oban’s most iconic feature is its magnificent bay, surrounded by rolling hills and dotted with charming fishing boats.

The Oban Distillery is one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries. Named uisge beatha in Gaelic, which translates to the ‘water of life’, not only is whiskey Scotland’s national drink, but it has a rich and fascinating history too. After visiting the distillery, we travel on to Fort William, the capital of the Highlands, visiting the famous Glencoe valley on the way. This is where we’ll hold our second race of the week, as we run down part of the magical valley, directly below the mountain tops.

Day 4: July 1, 2025

The Highlands and Ben Nevis


Fort William, the capital of the Scottish Highlands! This enchanting town is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Fort William offers a plethora of activities.

Our third race has us exploring Glen Nevis! After earning the rest of our day on our morning hike/run, it’s time to spend even more time reaping the benefits of all the region has to offer. Some may choose to simply explore the rugged beauty of Glen Nevis. The more adventurous of the group will conquer Ben Nevis, UK’s highest peak! Make no mistake, no typos here. “Glen” means valley. “Ben” means mountain. This area touts both. We’ll cap off your day with a scenic ride on the Jacobite Steam Train! Famous for its appearances in the Harry Potter films, kick back, relax, and immerse yourself in history at landmarks like Old Inverlochy Castle.

Day 5: July 2, 2025

Loch Ness

Loch Ness

We leave Fort William for a cruise on the iconic Loch Ness, a captivating Scottish gem of a lake, nestled amidst the enchanting Highlands. Immerse yourself in breathtaking beauty as you explore the mystical depths of this legendary freshwater loch. Discover the allure of its ancient history and breathtaking landscapes. Keep your eye out for the elusive Loch Ness Monster (aka “Nessie”), a mythical creature that has captivated imaginations for centuries.

Our home for the next two nights is Aviemore!

Day 6: July 3, 2025


Aviemore is the gateway to the Cairngorm mountains, renowned for Scottish winter skiing. After having a rest day yesterday our fourth race will explore the pine forests around Aviemore with a 10km race. Post race, you’ll have lots of free time to visit the town, Highland Wildlife Park, or try the Aviemore Zip Park. And of course, if you want to sample more ‘water of life’, you can visit one of the many Speyside distilleries. We will have a Scottish Celebration-themed evening in store for you tonight! Get ready to sample Haggis (if you dare) and learn how to Ceilidh dance in preparation for our final night in Edinburgh!

Day 7: July 4, 2025

St. Andrews and Stirling


We leave the Cairngorms for the coastal town of St Andrews.  Located on Scotland’s east coast, the town is a captivating blend of ancient history and scenic beauty. Famous for the birthplace of golf, it offers stunning coastal vistas, charming medieval streets, and iconic landmarks like St Andrews Cathedral. St Andrews beach is also famous for the opening scene of the Chariots of Fire film and we will be recreating the scene as we race along the shore line on our fifth race (queue the music!).

After that, it’s a “Choose Your Own Adventure” kind of day:

  • Option A – Day of golf in/around St. Andrews and then to Edinburgh
  • Option B – Land yachting (go-carts with sails…on sand!), with a St. Andrews walkabout, then to Edinburgh
  • Option C – Morning walkabout in St. Andrews, afternoon in Stirling, then to Edinburgh

With its cultural allure and world-class golf courses, St Andrews is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and golf aficionados alike.

Alternatively, Stirling is perched atop a striking hill. It is a historic gem in central Scotland, having been the site of the historic Battle of Stirling. There’s no wrong answer today, just lots of right ones! Our final resting place on this R2A is Edinburgh..for two nights!

Day 8: July 5, 2025



Edinburgh is the historical capital of Scotland. What better place to have our final race for the week?! Lace up your trainers as we’ll be heading to the iconic Arthurs Seat with a trail run around the ancient volcano! We’ll stick around post race for fantastic views of the city, before heading back in. We will then visit Edinburgh castle for a guided tour. The rest of the day, you’re on your own, but the night belongs to us! It’s time for another epic send off at another epic venue – THE CAVES! The Caves have been reserved for R2A for a proper Scottish Banquet and Ceilidh…aaand likely a DJ to cap it all off too.

Day 9: July 6, 2025

Fare thee well Scotland

After celebrating in the caves of Edinburgh the night before (as pictured above), it’s time to say goodbye. From cities, to seashores, to lochs, to distilleries, to forests, to castles, and more, it’s time to leave behind this beloved country. Rest up, everyone. We have two more Race2Adventures in store for you in 2026!

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