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Can I attend this event by myself?

Yes, you can. However, all pricing is based on double or triple occupancy, so be prepared to meet a roommate or two.

Will we have free time throughout the week?

Coach transportation around the entire country, park fees, most resort activities, all racing, daily activities, 8 nights lodging, and almost every meal is included in the registration fee. With the exception of a few meals, your bar bill, snacks, and a few souvenirs, we have you covered! What you spend outside of the essentials we’ve provided will be up to you.

Will we have free time throughout the week?

You’ll have some but not too much. We’re going to be accomplishing a ton inside this eight-night itinerary. It involves seeing cities, lakes, mountains, distilleries, ruins, and more. It’s hard to do that AND have lots of free time. But don’t worry, we know how important a few hours are to you, so we’ll be making time for that too.

What’s the quality of lodging like?

It’s good! It’s really good! But it’s not great. How honest is that answer?! Because, to be very candid, the places we go, combined with the affordability of this registration fee, only allows us to do so much. Bedding will typically be based on double-occupancy, but can occasionally call for triple occupancy. If traveling with a spouse, know it is always our intention to ensure you have your own room! If traveling with friends, please note that triple and quadruple occupancy is not out of the realm of possibility a few nights each week.

Accommodations will be comfortable and it will vary by region. Know we will always have your best interests in mind.

What type of person normally signs up for Race2Adventure?

In the past sixteen years we have had people come down and walk an entire week. We have had people plan to run the entire race and walk. We have had people plan to walk the entire race and run the whole thing! We have had men and women, single and married, solo and with a group, between the ages of 22 and 70. There is no mold here. That being said, we do ask that you come to Race2Adventure fit. This should not be the beginning of you becoming fit. That is dangerous for you and has the ability to slow down the group as a whole. This is where you come to reap the benefits of being fit!

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