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Can I register as a solo traveler?

Yes, you can. However, you will share a cabin with another solo traveler, so make sure that’s a comfortable option for you. Other options include paying double for your own cabin or searching high and low for a traveling companion!

What does my registration and port fee include?

7 nights lodging on the Riviera Empress, 1 night lodging in Amsterdam, three meals a day while on board, transport to courses, walking tours, biking in Amsterdam, all beer and wine at each dinner on board, all your taxes, all your gratuity, all your docking fees, all your races, and a whole lot more!

What does my registration and port fee not include?

Airfare to and from Europe, transport to and from airports, meals in Amsterdam, and any tickets to any Euro Cup game you happen upon.

Will we have opportunities to attend games for the Euro Cup in Germany?

It’s very possible! We’ll be in Cologne for two days, and Cologne is one of Germany’s host cities for the big tournament! We’re driving distance from host cities Dortmund, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, and Stuffgart.

How can participants go about purchasing tickets to the Euro Cup?

They’re not for sale yet.  But when they are, we’ll be sure to share the tournament’s schedule, times/locations, and online ticket sales process, should it work into the R2A schedule.

Can I bring my own alcohol on board?

Uniworld asks you not to bring alcohol on board.  More of an honor system than anything else.

Are drinks on board complimentary?

Coffee and tea are available all day. Soft drinks are served with lunch.  Soft drinks, beer, and wine are served with dinner. All other drinks can be put on your boat tab.

What if I miss the boat one day?

You’ll need to find your way back on. We’re one or two ports down the Rhine River from you!

Can we triple up?

All cabins are based on double occupancy. If you are a party of three, one person will be paired up with a solo registrant of the same sex.

How many people typically go on a Race2Adventure experience?

That’s varied over the years. We’ve never gone above 200 and never will.  A preferred number from years past was Spain and Peru, which hovered right around 120. And so, knowing that the maximum occupancy on this boat is 130 should make everyone feel great!

What if I want to go on this tour but don’t want to participate in the races?

We’re Race2Adventure! We ask you to come physically fit and ready for adventure. If that adventure means vigorously walking instead of running, that’s absolutely fine. We welcome everyone who is up to the R2A challenge. But if lying around until the next meal is served is how you’re thinking, there are other riverboat tours that may be a better fit for you.

What’s the weather like in Central Europe in mid-June?

June promises to have some of the best racing, cruising, and touring weather for our European adventure. Average temps are in the high seventies and low fifties.

The stigma with riverboats is they’re sleepy and skew towards a much older demographic. Is that true?

Yes! If referring to the typical riverboat tour, very true. This boat and this adventure…not true!  A resident DJ + the typical R2A demographic + the Euro Cup = something like this boat has never seen.  Let’s break the mold together!

What are port fees?

Port fees are exactly what they sound like, fees charged by ports to the cruise line, which are passed on to the passenger. They’re charged not based on the amount paid for a sailing but the number of people – as this is how ports charge. We’ve chosen to be upfront about these fees and separate them from the overall registration fee. They’ll be payable with your final registration payment.

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