Our 2024 riverboat experience along the Rhine is currently sold out.  So sorry!  But we have some pretty tremendous news about our next boating adventure in Europe for the summer of 2026!  Make sure to input your information so you’re one of the first to know about the experience when it debuts!

Europe 2024
June 17-25, 2024

In 2019, a racer in Ireland planted the seed of an R2A experience on water. In 2021, that experience was executed flawlessly, on the Danube River, trekking across four countries over eight nights. The sentiment on that boat was unanimous – “Do it again, and when you do, we’re coming back!”  Well…we’re doing it again! And there’s room for more of you! A different river, and another four country experience.

Not only will we be cruising through Switzerland, France, Germany and ending in the Netherlands (Amsterdam!). This time, we’re going to be hosting an R2A experience in the midst of Europe’s biggest sporting tournament – The Euro Cup! The continent will be alive and buzzing, and we’ll be there to witness and partake in it all!

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Cologne, Germany







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