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Race 2 Adventure Norway

Norway 2022
August 13 through August 21, 2022
(courses designed by Lars Bukkehave from Eco-Challenge and Xterra)

New Zealand 2023
February 18 through February 26, 2023
(courses designed by Nathan Fa’avae from the Eco-Challenge)

Italy 2023
September 9 through September 17, 2023

Registration debuts October 1, 2021

(Courses designed by Sergio Sanchez from the Eco-Challenge and Pablo Rodriguez)

Europe 2024
June 17 through June 25, 2024

Registration debuts August 9, 2022 at 2pm ET.


Morocco 2025
FEBRUARY 15-23, 2025

Registration debuts March 1, 2023 at 10am ET.

From Chile to Peru to Ecuador to Spain to Ireland to Costa Rica to New Zealand, Race2Adventure offers experiences around the world for everyone. It’s been called a racecation, runcation, vacation race and travel run club. We call it Race2Adventure, where we trail run 5K-10K in the morning and enjoy the sites and sounds of the region immediately after! An 8-night adventure designed for those who love to exercise, explore, and travel internationally. Elevate your next vacation and get the most out of your travel through Race2Adventure. Learn more about our next trips by clicking on the logos above.

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