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What’s the easiest path to Cape Town, South Africa?

Very few international cities fly direct into Cape Town. However, many fly through Johannesburg. Our advice is to use Johannesburg (aka J-Burg) as a transitional hub, but not to venture out and explore that area.

Is South Africa safe?

Parts of South Africa are not. The more central regions and far East regions have high levels of crime. In general, like most cities in the world, it’s important to stay clear of central business districts after dark. For these reasons, we’ll stay in the safer and more touristy regions – the West Cape and Southern Garden Route along the Southern Coast.  

Will we be safe on our runs, with the surrounding wildlife?

100%! We’ve chosen amazing landscapes and courses for this 8-night adventure, but none of the regions where we’ll race/run/hike expose us to danger.

Will this trip mandate any vaccines to prevent sickness (e.g. Malaria)?

Based on the regions we’ll be visiting throughout this trip, there are no strict requirements on mandatory vaccines, outside of the typical Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) Chickenpox. Polio. It’s further north, in the country of South Africa, where things like malaria and yellow fever become a greater concern.

What are the travel documents required to travel to South Africa?

Passport and blank pages inside your passport is all that is required. A travel Visa is only required if you plan to stay for 90 or more days.

What will lodging look like on this experience?

Varied per usual! Think 3-4 star. It’s important to be flexible on lodging when traveling to so many different places inside only 9 days. From Cape Town to seaside towns to private game reserves, we promise to keep you safe, warm, comfortable, and refreshed for whatever lies ahead!

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