This page is the easiest way to truly grasp exactly what this week has in store for you.  Seven nights, seven days, and five of which you earn your adventure each day with a 5K-10K walking/running challenge.  Each night we’ll tally the race times, reward those who finish at the top of their gender class, and eagerly anticipate the overall winner at the end of the week.  This portion of the week will be as big of a deal to your week as you want it to be.  Some people just want to get through their exercise so they can enjoy the remainder of their day.  Others can’t wait to get up and race. 

You earn your adventure by racing to your adventure!  By 9am, you’ll have had your exercise, competed with the group, and the rest of the day will be dedicated to nothing but fun.  Evenings are filled with music, laughs, and whatever else the night may bring. 

Note – Almost every meal throughout the week is included.  On the few times you’re on your own, $5 will get you everything you need.

Here’s an even closer look at what’s in store. 

Day 1: Sunday, March 27th

Arrival of all participants to Quito. Airport transfer to Hotel Quito included.  Race registration is at 4pm. Dinner on your own that night.  Be sure to get some sleep.  We’ve got a big day ahead of us!

Day 2:  Monday, March 28th, Race Day 1

Breakfast served at Hotel Quito.  Transportation to Parque Metropolitano.  This beautiful park is one and a half times the size of Central Park in New York.  It sits above the city of Quito with great views of multiple snow capped volcanoes, including Cotopaxi.  We’ll kick the week off with a 5K course.  It may be short but the elevation is high so be sure to hydrate.

After you’ve raced, congratulations, you’ve earned your first action packed day in Ecuador.  We’ll start with the Colonial city tour of Quito and the “Monument in The Middle of the World”.  The monument sits directly on the equator of planet Earth.  We’ll have lunch in the southern hemisphere and dinner in the northern one!  After lunch we’ll be leaving the area to explore one of several regions throughout the country.  Our next stop is a small village by the name of Mindo.  We’ll be staying overnight there at the Hotel El Carmelo de Mindo. This hotel has way too much to do so we’ll do our best to get there as early as possible so you can enjoy it that night.  Dinner is included that evening.

Day 3:  Tuesday, March 29th, Race Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel is followed by an 8K run through the trail system in Mindo.  Single track trails, waterfalls, and rivers lace this Cloud Forest.  We’ve thrown in a fun surprise too.  Feel free to basque in the waterfalls after the race!

Return to the hotel and prepare for our first true adventure activity; tubing in the Mindo River and zip lining through the Cloud Forest!  We’ll have lunch at the hotel and everyone will have free time to relax and enjoy the hotel.  This is no ordinary “hotel”.  It’s much more like a resort.  Four swimming pools, two hot tubs, billiards and boating all surround our rustic accommodations.

We’ll be staying a second night here.  A traditional Ecuadorian dinner will be served.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included on this day.

Day 4:  Wednesday, March 30th, Race Day 3

Breakfast will be served at the hotel before our departure.  We’ll be headed towards Pedro Vicente Maldonado.  Our next stop is the Resort and Spa known as ARASHA.  Arasha won the award for South America’s best resort and spa in 2004.  We’ve never had a gem on our course like this.  So much so that we’re going to get there as soon as possible, and have our third race there.  We’ll arrive by 10am and go enjoy a 7K course that has you winding through trails and crossing two rivers!

After we’ve earned our day, checked in, and had lunch, it is onto a number of daytime activities.  You’ll have the rest of the afternoon to enjoy all of the services and amenities of Hotel Arasha – A spa that takes appointments until 10pm, lagoon and waterfall tours, a great mini 18 hole putt putt course, bird watching, fishing, chocolate making classes, and what they refer to as a “Cave Jacuzzi”!  Before dinner, Arasha puts on a short torch tour for anyone that is interested.  It’s a great way to see the forest at night.  Hotel Arasha will be preparing a feast for us that evening.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included on this day.

Day 5:  Thursday, April 1st, Race Day 4

Breakfast at the Arasha Hotel and then it’s time to say goodbye to paradise.  But don’t worry, we’re headed to another paradise that’s bound to rival the last one - The Blanco River.  We’ll be running/walking 10K to the river put in where we’ll start our whitewater river rafting adventure!

After the river rafting trip, we’ll be headed for the coast.  Beaches along the shores of Ecuador await us!  We’ll be staying in Canoa at Baloo and Wonderland (oddly enough, although we will not be in a more untouched area of the country, two of the resort owners apparently have a passion for Disney – They’ve named their resorts on the beach by the Disney movies Jungle Book and Alice in Wonderland – Strange, we know).  Dinner will be served at the best restaurant in town that evening, Costa Azul.  Fresh grilled fish, ceviche, and meat platters are all on the menu – Plenty for vegetarians too. 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included that day.

Day 6:  April 1st, Race Day 5

Breakfast will be served at the hotel followed by our final race of the week.  Some may plan on walking all five courses and others will be battling out to see who takes the title for women and men that week.  The 6K race along the beach will truly be one to remember.  You’re on your own for lunch today.  There’s so much to choose from and different activities all day too so it’s best to have you figure this day out on your own.   You’ll have all afternoon to enjoy the beach, paddle on a kayak, learn how to surf, or visit the vibrant beach city of Bahia. 

Awards night at “The Bamboo” will be the best way we know how to say goodbye to a wonderful trek across the country.  Dinner and dancing are sure to follow on our last night in Canoa.

Breakfast and dinner are included on this day.

Day 7:  April 2nd

Breakfast in Canoa and then it’s time to make our way back to Quito.  Don’t worry, you can rest your legs today!  We’ll stop for lunch before arriving back at Hotel Quito.  Enjoy an evening out with new friends, recap the week with old ones, and prepare to head home from a week that you will surely never forget.

Breakfast is included on this day.

Day 8:  April 3rd

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel, get to the airport with plenty of time to spare, and we’ll see you next time.  Different from years past, we’ll be changing the courses and regions in Ecuador each time.  No back to back years will ever be the same.  Come back and help us conquer all of Ecuador, one adventure at a time.