Re-Visit Runcations From The Past

Ecuador '11 | Guatemala '12 | Panama '13 | Peru '15 | Chile '17 | Spain '18 | Ireland '19 | Costa Rica '20

In our past races, runners from diverse backgrounds have come together, forming strong bonds and friendships that go beyond just running. These events are more than races; they are adventures that take participants on a journey through vibrant cities and incredible landmarks. Picture running to the famous Pisa Tower in Italy, where the finish line not only signifies an achievement but also marks the start of shared stories and joy. These races are not just physical challenges; they are opportunities to explore amazing places, taste local foods, and connect with fellow adventurers. Each race adds a new chapter to the collective tale of exploration and friendship that Race2Adventure represents. Join us, and be part of this special journey where the spirit of adventure meets the joy of shared experiences.

Guatemala 2012
Panama 2013
Peru 2015
Race 2 Adventure
Spain 2018
Ireland 2019
Costa Rica 2021
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