Jessica Brown

Jessica’s background in luxury travel and hospitality takes R2As service level to an all-time high.  She’s a co-pilot on the buses, will always lend you her ear, has a contagious smile, and she’s [...]


Kevin Hickey

BIOGRAPHY Kevin’s first experience with eco-tourism and racing was with the 2002 Eco Challenge in Fiji.  Since then he has worked in logistics for Primal Quest Tahoe and on several R2A races [...]

Angela Botta

BIOGRAPHY A native from New York, Angela is the Mom of the race staff. She is a world traveler who has spent a good deal of time throughout South America, South East Asia, Europe, and most [...]

Jamie Randazzo

BIOGRAPHY Jamie has competed and worked on the logistics side of racing since 2005.  Born and raised in New York, Jamie relocated down to Tampa, Florida in 2000.  He continues to support races [...]

Brian McCluskey

BIOGRAPHY We dare you to find a time when Brian McCluskey is not smiling ear to ear.  Whether he’s out on the course or with a pint in his hand at night, there’s nothing this man won’t do for you [...]

Carter Shields

BIOGRAPHY Carter is the clown of the crew.  He is a mechanical engineer that works around the clock for Race2Adventure when we’re on the ground.  Carter began his career in race logistics in [...]

Mike Fricke

BIOGRAPHY Mike is a realtor, ski instructor, musician, and event planner in Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe California.  He’ll have a smile bigger than anyone’s and makes sure to be the last one in bed [...]

Kristen Coleman

BIOGRAPHY Kristen is an Emergency Medicine PA. She is highly experienced in the field of Emergency Medicine and is proficient in emergent procedures (orthopedic reductions/splinting, complicated [...]

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