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Does race registration include my international airfare?

The only expense race registration does not cover is your international flight to and from San Jose, Costa Rica. These are typically available for booking 331 days before departure and arrival into San Jose, Costa Rica. Chances are, if flying from North America, you can find airfare as low as $300-$500!  It’s one of the reasons we chose to come back this way.  Traveling from North America to Europe took a heavy toll in the form of airfare dollars and jet lag.  We’d love to think we alleviated both those pain points by heading back this way.  Costa Rica sits on the Mountain Time Zone (think Colorado time), and direct flights can be found from most major cities.

How much money can I expect to spend throughout the week?

Keep in mind, luxury coach transportation around the entire country, park fees, most resort activities, all racing, daily activities, 8 nights lodging, and almost every meal is included in the registration fee. With the exception of a few meals, your bar bill, snacks, and a few souvenirs, we have you covered!  What you spend outside of the essentials we’ve provided will be up to you.

Will we have free time throughout the week?

Absolutely. Different from previous Race2Adventure experiences, where we flew around the country (i.e. Peru, Chile, Spain), that won’t be necessary this time. We’re packing in lots of racing, lots of activities, AND giving you plenty of time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the surroundings. From views of Arenal to a number of Pacific beaches, we’re confident you’ll love the balance between go and slow we’ve lined up for everyone.

What is the quality of lodging like?

The Four Seasons is just down the road. Three nights there costs the equivalent of your entire race registration! So…we apologize…but it’s not five star! It’s really really good, though. It will be comfortable and vary by region. Hotels, resorts, and even all-inclusive lodging play a role in this week. You’ll even get to have some fun on a few water slides or take some time at one of the swim up pool bars. Costa Rica will undoubtedly provide Race2Adventure participants with the best lodging yet!  Which is really saying something, since the first time we raced in Costa Rica in 2007 we camped every single night!  We’ve definitely become accustomed to more comfort over the years.

What type of person normally signs up for this race week?

In the past twelve years we have had people come down and walk the entire race. We have had people plan to run the entire race and walk. We have had people plan to walk the entire race and run the whole thing! We have had men and women, single and married, solo and with a group, between the ages of 22 and 70. There is no mold here. That being said, we do ask that you come to Race2Adventure fit. This should not be the beginning of you becoming fit. That is dangerous for you and has the ability to slow down the group as a whole. What this should be is the culmination of you being fit – it’s never too soon to start training!

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