Day 1: Saturday, March 16th 

Welcome to Panama City, a true wonder on the map of Central America.  A thriving metropolitan city that is home to the most historical waterway known to man, has tons of vibrant nightlife, and will leave you wanting more by the time you head back home on the 24th.  We will be staying at a comfortable hotel in the heart of Panama City.  The earlier you arrive that day, the more free time you’ll have before registration and dinner that evening.  We’ll look forward to meeting you at 7pm.

Day 2: Sunday, March 17th, Race Day 1

We kick off the week immersing ourselves in one of the very few indigenous populations of Panama, the Embera people.  Only 6% of Panama’s population is indigenous so it will be a special treat to race on their property our first morning.  Be prepared to get wet as your first waterfall encounter will be stunning.  The Embera people will entertain us early that afternoon with their culture and an authentic Embera lunch.  We’ll head back to Panama City and our hotel with plenty of free time for the remainder of the day.  You’re on your own for dinner that night as there are too many restaurants to choose from.  We want you to have some time to explore the city on your own before we depart early the next morning.

Day 3:  Monday, March 18th, Race Day 2

We’re off on our journey throughout Panama with a stop in El Valle.  El Valle is a common getaway for those living in the city.  They escape to El Valle for the fresh air, rolling hills, and great hiking.  We’ll do the same!  This town sits inside a crater of an extinct volcano.  We’ll take in the sights and take in the town, but not before challenging ourselves on the many trails that wind through the region.  After that, it’s onto our final resting place of the day in Boquete.  Dinner will be served and everyone will have time to explore the nightlife of the area if they’re not too beat down.

Day 4:  Tuesday, March 19th, Race Day 3

Boquete has plenty to see and do so we’ll have a big day ahead of us.  First, we must pay homage to the new region with an early morning race.  Whether you’re walking or running, be sure to stop and smell the roses, coffee plantations, and take in all the sights and sounds of Boquete.  And when you’re done, your daily adventure has been earned.  Today you will “Choose Your Own Adventure”.  Your choice will be zip lining, rappelling waterfalls, or rafting the Class III and IV rapids of the Rio Chiriqui!  That or have a day of leisure.  Similar to the night before, after we’ve had our group dinner, what you do with your evening is up to you.  Hang out with new found friends and your trusty race staff, head out on your own, or head to bed.  There are no wrong answers here.

Day 5:  Wednesday, March 20th, Volcano Trek

We’re going to give you a break today…sorta.  No race, but that’s because it’s time for a good old fashioned “trek”.  We will be hiking in the National Park of Volcano Baru and up and down the Baru Volcano!  On a clear day, the summit affords you views of the Pacifica and Caribbean coasts.  This will arguably be your biggest feat of the week. 

You’ll have time to rest your legs when we depart Boquete later that day and head to Bocas Del Toro!  We can’t say enough about Bocas Del Torro so you may want to visit this quick link here -  This tropical region consisting of six heavily forested islands is surrounded by some of the bluest waters Central America has to offer.  It is ideal for sunning, snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing.  We’ll be checking into our accommodations for the next three evenings so get comfortable.  And don’t worry, because although we will be staying at one place, we will be visiting three of the six islands while exploring the archipelago.

Day 6:  Thursday, March 21st, Race Day 4

Good morning Isla Colon.  Get ready for a trail run of a lifetime at Playa Bluff.  Enjoy a free day on the island, learn how to surf, or just lounge at our resort,

Day 7:  Friday, March 22nd, Race Day 5

It’s off to our next island, Bastimentos!  This will also mark our last race.  Walk your fifth day, attempt to complete a fifth day or funning, or push yourself to earn a place in the Top 10, it’s up to you.  We’ll end at Hotel Red Frog for a full day of sun, relaxing, and snorkel tours.  Later that evening, get ready to celebrate.  You’ve done it!  You have completed all the challenges Race2Adventure and Panama had to offer for the week.  And what better way to celebrate than a final dinner party on a yacht slowly meandering through Bocas Del Toro!

Day 8:  Saturday, March 23rd, Trip Back To Panama City

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and then we’re off on a water taxi to the mainland.  The journey back to Panama City will be long but that’s because we will have covered more ground than just about anyone over an 8 night stay in Panama.  Of course, if you’d care to call Bocas Del Toro your home for another week or two, just let us know ahead of time.  Participants have been known to stick around in a tropical paradise at the tail end of our trip if they can afford more time away from home.  Also, Costa Rica is only 20 miles North!

Day 9:  Sunday, March 24th, Depart Panama

Normally this is where we say, “See you next year”, but this is Race2Adventure’s last race.  Growing families and alternative future opportunities have brought us to the conclusion that Panama will be Race2Adventure’s last stand.  Alumni participants unite and new participants, please join us.  We hope to see you in Panama soon!