Q: What type of person normally signs up for this type of adventure week?
A: In the past three years we have had people come down and walk the entire race.  We have had people plan to run the entire race and walk.  We have had people plan to walk the entire race and run the whole thing!  We have had men and women, single and married, solo and with a group, between the ages of 22 and 62.  There is no mold here.

Q: In previous years you have offered a camping option.  Will you this year in Guatemala?
A: Not this year.  Our accommodations are affordable and second to none in the areas where we're headed.  Because we're covering so much ground over the course of the week, we want to be able to pack up and go. 

Q: What is the quality of lodging like?
A: We apologize for the tough love, but it’s not five star!  It will be comfortable, there will be a bed, there will be sheets, but it’s not the Ritz.  

Q: Will we have free time throughout the week?
A: Absolutely.  You’ll have plenty of time to do the things you want outside of our planned activities (i.e. explore, nap, read, relax, or enjoy cocktails poolside). 

Q: If I bring a group, is there any discount involved?
A: Please do and yes there is.  For every nine participants that you register, one additional participant may come for free.  We encourage you to work with our staff on providing any information you may need to get all of your family and friends on board.