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Original article: by Team RunRun Coach Brian Lettner and all pictures by Luciana Smania

Brian has raced around the world thanks to Race2Adventure’s life-changing running adventures. Directed by Merritt Hopper, Race2Adventure offers a unique concept that combines running with travel and exploration. Brian is one such Race2Adventure enthusiast who has been on multiple trips and shares why in this blog.

Brian Lettner on Race2Adventure

Nine days. Eight nights. An adventure to remember. An adventure for runners of all levels.

Brian Lettner on a trail run
Beautiful lake and mountains

I first heard of Race2Adventure through an email promotion in 2018. Noticing that this trip was right after my college graduation, I convinced my brother to go with me as a graduation present. The rest is history. I have been on four Race2Adventure trips now – Ireland, a Danube River Cruise through four countries in Europe, Norway, and Italy – with plans to go to Scotland in the summer of 2025.

How Race2Adventure works

What made it such an easy choice back in 2018 was the fact that Race2Adventure plans everything for you! In four simple steps – pay a flat fee, get your airline tickets, pack your bags, bring some extra money – you are all set. They find the best spots to stay, arrange transportation, plan cool activities, and most importantly, take you to the most epic locations.

Brian Lettner runnings

Meeting new people: concerns of an introvert

However, Race2Adventure isn’t all about the views or the food or the little trinkets you buy along the way, it’s about the people. Merritt Hopper is your host, and he and his staff are some of the best people you will ever meet. The same goes for your fellow runners/adventurers. I have made some amazing friends on my four trips with Race2Adventure, and I believe you can too.

Leaning tower of Pisa

You might be saying to yourself that you’re an introvert. I would never make friends like that. Well, news flash, I am an introvert myself! That’s how easy it is to make friends on these wonderful trips and make the memories even more meaningful. Merritt asks everyone on the first night how many trips everyone has been on. At least half of the people raise their hand that this is their first Race2Adventure trip. So, bring a friend, family member, or go by yourself – just remember to make an effort to talk to the person next to you on the bus and to sit with someone new during meals. You never know, you might be running another race with them in the future or helping crew them at The Moab 240 (true story of mine).

Oh, the places you’ll run!

Lastly, I want to get to one of the best parts of these trips…the racing. Merritt and his staff plan these trips years in advance, scouting the country (or countries) for the best spots to run. We are talking forests, mountains, oceans, and lakes. Add to that the Olympic ski jump and Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway. Even running through the streets of Pisa, Italy, plus many many more beautiful, and breathtaking spots. No matter your ability, these races and travel experiences will blow any other running event you have ever done out of the park.

Mountains and ocean

Now, I could go on and on about the details and memories I have of my past trips, and I am happy to either help you by coaching you for an upcoming trip or telling you more about my experiences (feel free to reach out). All I am saying is to give Race2Adventure a shot if you can. You will have some amazing memories, potential new friends, and grow in ways you never realized you could. I honestly can’t think of any better way to visit a new country!

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